About Us

Me, in real life!

A bit about me

My name is Anthony Greenwood, and I am a web designer based in Southport, UK. I've been building and designing websites as a hobby since my college years, where I studied for my BTEC First Diploma in IT and Computing. Very interested about the subject, I began to learn more about web design techniques outside of my course syllabus, having picked up a few books about PHP, HTML and CSS. After college, I enrolled in the Webmaster and Webmaestro courses at Distance Learning Center to further my learning, and picked up a few more books on PHP by Larry Ullman. So now, I've since moved to do something practical with my hobby and turn it into a passion, building and designing websites for small businesses, new startups, or just about anyone with cool or silly ideas they might have.

In addition to building websites, I'm also a huge fitness nut. I love lifting heavy weights and exercising to P90X, Insanity and Body Beast, and I love cycling all across Merseyside and Lancashire. I also like movies, videogames, cartoons, cookery and baking, comic book heroes and speciality teas - especially Chai and Earl Grey.

I created this website because I wanted a place where I could showcase all my hard work, as well as provide a dumping ground for all the little things I enjoy in life, from the weird and random to the awesome and memorable. I just hope that I can prove to be just as entertaining as I am creative to all my friends, family, watchers and curious passersby.

Sean, the SDS mascot!

A bit about Sean Powers

Sean Powers is my online alias and personal mascot since 2005. He began as a hyperexaggerated version of "me"; an infallible being who's exceptionally talented in everything and can do no wrong. However, he's been toned down a lot ever since, having slowly evolved into something a bit more realistic, his appearance, skills and tastes now lean closer to mine. As a mascot, he's now the "face" of Silver Dragon Studios, whom the company is named after, but he'll always be a little part of me, and will continue to stick around for years to come.