Personal and Site Update - May Edition

Posted on: 06 May 2016
Category: Personal

'Sup internet peeps? A few things have happened since my last update, so I'll give a brief rundown on what's been going on.

Early last month, just after the Easter weekend I caught the flu for the first time in years. I was pretty much out of it for a few days, and even then, I had to spend the next two weeks dealing with a nasty cough that came with it. Not the most pleasant way to start the month after the Easter holidays, I guess. I did, however, got a head start on an advertising campaign for Silver Dragon Studios over on Twitter - as of the end of April, I managed to rake in over 10,000 impressions... but only 180 engagements. Mostly likes, but no replies or new followers.

So it has a bit of a slow start, despite having reached out to so many people. I'm a little disappointed witht the turnout, but I'm hoping to do another campaign in the near future, as more updates and fixes have been implemented and more projects added onto the portfolio.

Which brings me to my next subject - Silver Dragon Studios is now responsive! :D

During the twiiter ad campaign, I've had a couple of queries on whether my site was going to be responsive or not. I mentioned in my last entry that I would be focusing on putting together a responsive layout. It's taken a couple of weeks of development - most of which was spent on researching how to approach this - but I think I've managed alright, given the short amount of time it took. It's been tested at most commonly used screen resolutions, and of course my own Samsung phone with very little errors, so there -shouldn't- be any serious issues, I hope. If you do happen to come across any, let me know and I'll provide a fix!

- Sean.

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