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Posted on: 09 Mar 2016
Category: Personal

Hi guys! So it's been almost a week since I've launched V2 of the website. Obviously I didn't post the launch news here because I was posting it everywhere else (facebook, twitter, etc.) However, that doesn't mean that my work is done and there's still plenty of work to do around here.

First off, I've set up a LinkedIn account with the help of a friend. It's still barebones as of writing, but I'm hoping that it'll build up a few connections and attract more potential clients. You can view my profile over at https://uk.linkedin.com/in/anthony-greenwood-730206117. Alternatively, you can also visit the same link by clicking on the LinkedIn icon on the Social Icons bar.

Next, I'll be working on adding more features to the site in general. My biggest priority is finishing the backend (one page couldn't be completed, since I'd have to gp "live" to work on it), but more importantly, I'd like to make a start on developing a respnsive layout for the site. This was always the number one intention for V2, and the main motivation for me to redesignthe site, but time constraints forced me to push out the release as soon as possible, which meant that I never got around to working on it.

There's also a few more features I'm considering adding in the future:

  • A carousel for the front page
  • Replies and sharing buttons for blog comments
  • Support for multiple images in the Portfolio
  • A projects section for miscellaneous coding projects
  • And a few others

So that's it for now, I think. I'll also be working on an advertising campaign to generate more interest in the site, starting with local advertising and promoting both my twitter and facebook pages. It isn't much, but I need to make a start on getting my name out there if I want to turn this little hobby into a proper career, otherwise I'll just be lost with the other hundereds of freelance devs out there. I've tried the word of mouth thing before, and it didn't work - now it's time for me to make more of an effort to receive exposure (no, not the unpaid kind!) and get a little bit of recognition out there.

Be seeing you soon!

- Sean

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